APAD2019 Sweet feed


hungry bees burrow

deep into blossom collar

seek buried treasure




he lumbers up behind me

to where I sit

silent  watching


his lava breath

singes my hair

flames my ear


he peers over my shoulder

as if he will see what I see

as if he can


I wait

body solid

gaze fixed

breath shallow

and wait for him to leave


Think it’s going to be one of those months … aka APAD2

Perhaps it is unrealistic to think that this particular January is going to see a poem every day here. Who knows?

I’ve been taking lots of photos when I walk for the past while, and I’m going to use some of them as poem prompts. We’ll see how it goes. Today, a haiku about Melbourne’s weather. Not complaining, because it’s the first really hot day of summer for us.


January sun

brings summer’s furnace winds

chases us inside