APAD 19: Transition



He left the keys

on the kitchen bench

next to the jar of jam

and yesterday’s mail.


His room is empty

and the bathroom shelves too

but there is stuff

in the lounge

the spare room

the op shop pile


it’s a good thing

for a child to leave

to find their own way

but just as no can tell you

what it’s like to bring a baby home

no one can prepare you

for their departure



I hereby interupt A Poem a Day for an announcement.

Dingo is in the house.

And she’s gorgeous. Thank you so much to Walker Books, Sue Whiting, Donna Rawlins and the awesomely talented Tannya Harricks (look her up!)


The only sad thing … have to wait until April 1 for official release.

APAD 17: Bodleian

Bodleian Library

The Bodleian library first opened to scholars in 1602

librarians were not permitted to marry

lest it distract from their vocation


publishers sent a copy of every new book

until that became a burden too heavy

and the library developed discretion