APAD 31: Patterns


shadows on the bathroom wall

in triplicate

three tall orchids


knit one slip knit one

pass slipped stitch over



weft and warp

over under under over

change colours



bricks laid this way and that

lead to the back yard



stippled heads

stripey emu chicks



1 4 9 16 25

square it up

one by one







APAD 29: A Somonka

Note: The somonka is a Japanese form – basically two tankas written as two love letters to each other (one tanka per love letter). This form usually demands two authors, but it is possible to have a poet take on two personas.

A Somonka

The sun is too bright

too close to my skin and hair

it’s hard to endure

unless I am near the sea

sitting at the lapping wave


The summer sun shines

warms my sad heart, and my soul

I’m glad you are here

where the ocean meets the shore

at the same ocean, same shore


APAD 28: At the Triennial

At the Triennial

In a dimmed room,

headphoned patrons move together


as if linked

on a single Christmas light circuit



The final instruction apparently bids them

lie on the floor

and feign sleep.

Observers then note the reactions

as a new audience enters the room

and see the prone bodies.

APAD 24: Haunted House

Haunted house

Stone walls and chimneys

doorways and window openings

linger longest

stand inside eyes open

slide window panes aside

set the slots for the roof beams

frame the tiles

listen for hinge-squeal and door-slam

footsteps on a rough-hewn floor

what do you call that colour

listen to the crackle of the fire

the black stew pot

swinging on the fire hook

smell the kerosene lamp

hear the pull of thread through cotton

patch on trousers

edging on baby clothes

set the cradle here

set the table here

share a minute with the family

who lived loved lost here

and tell me there are no ghosts