All sights grand and small


We spent the first half of October wandering around Western Australia. We landed and drove east looking for rocks. Wave Rock specifically, but we also found rocks on rocks; rocks on their own and in clusters. Big ones.


We’d not aimed for wildflower season but what a treat to see so many flowers, every everywhere. These were tiny but so beautiful.


Everywhere were stories. This rail station was one of many that had brief histories before the world moved on. Contracted. Expanded. Depended on your viewpoint.


These helicopter seeds were as long as an adult finger, and wider. How far can they fly? I loved the texture.


Paddocks and paddocks of grain greened our horizons and took me back to another life on a grain farm in the Wimmera.


There were silent halls, with rich stories of moneyed towns and fancy events.


Bridges that will fall.


So many coastal wonders to find. This one near Denmark. There were swimmers and surfers and paddlers and fishers.


Looking south west to the Southern Ocean. Next stop Antarctica. Or rockpool exploring more locally.

I have been lucky to have been very busy this year doing a variety of wonderful things. It was grand to have time out, refilling the well, revelling in the unexpected.

Will any of it end up in my work? Who knows? But I’m ready to begin again.

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