APAD 13: Balloons

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Once, we blew up, tied, stringed and hung
hundreds for a party.
Once, we wished a big bunch
would lift and carry us away.
Once, a helium parrot
hovered on our ceiling
until it deflated
and took to following us
around the room
and sitting on our shoulders.
Once, backyard warfare
exploded from tiny balls
Once, hundreds of pink ones
said farewell to a tiny lost girl.
Once, we didn’t know the journey
or the cost
of our discarded colour scraps.

APAD 12: One (Or More) For The Birds

One (Or More) For The Birds
There’s an apricot tree in a front yard
better be quick
there are only a few fruit left
and they will be gone tomorrow
It’s rubbish day and up and down the street
all the bins are out   
some display their contents
for sharp-beaked dumpster-divers
In the vegie garden
beneath the pumpkin canopy
in the basil light fat grubs munch
much faster than they can run