VLine, Victoria’s regional rail network has been having some challenges lately, with wheels and boomgates and schedules, so they offered free travel for first a week, then another.

We thought we’d avail ourselves and planned a trip to Clarkefield to meet family for dinner. We had an unexpected wait for our train (see previous challenges) and investigated a little park in Footscray that is tucked between rail and road. Twas a very contemplative wait and I resisted the urge to search for a plaque that revealed the park and rotunda history.

This sculpture is in Collins St in Melbourne. ‘the Storyteller’. Love it!

This morning, I had half an hour’s wait in Williamstown so the dog and I went a-walking. She loved all the unfamiliar scents. I loved the stillness and movement and light. The fishermen had coffee left in their thermos, the volunteers on the museum boat were testing their PA system. The new school in the old Customs House was just waking, and the students were arriving.

Same hour, same pier, different perspective. Magic.

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