MoP 23: Frontage

In the early morning
they are close-eyed, close-mouthed
internal industry masked
by external stillness
Sometimes yesterday can be seen
sometimes today idles impatiently
sometimes expression bursts out
running late for school
late for train
ready for work
Next lap,
calm has returned
the façade again composed
as if control had never slipped.

MoP 21: Skeleton

It is a hard-edged morning
with a bone-grey
bone dry-sky
the air radiates danger
the dog paces
disturbed by what we cannot see
or hear
in the uncertainty
of the stripped-bare day
bones rattle
and we wait for the body
of the storm

MoP 20: Delicious love

Delicious love
The shop window entices

a layered mountain
 of lamingtons,
fresh-made and lumpy
oozing with strawberry jam
cuddle-close shelves
of long-furred, brownish
baby, mama and papa
Valentine bears
Note: I’m not convinced this makes sense without the picture which I didn’t think to take. This is the closest I could find, but of course the windows were much more jumbled with different-sized bears. 

Me to You Tatty Teddy Bear 4

MoP 19: Sashiko

a form of Japanese folk embroidery
a basic running stitch
in curves or straight lines
white thread on blue fabric
traditionally used to repair fishermen’s pants
or quilt fabric layers together
Sashiko means ‘little stabs’
for the even stitches
each stitch is grain-of-rice
each interval is half grain-of-rice
easy to learn
look at the stitches
as they wander the blue
how lucky – rice can be short
medium or long

MoP 18: Street Music

Street Music
song floats from corner to corner
past a pug and a peke
a dalmation, a beagle
escalates at a tabby,
quiets at a black
reaches a crescendo
at Number 23
where three hens and a rooster
take a break from snail watch
to watch the walkers by

MoP 17: Gain

In the post-Christmas days
it’s time to tackle the desk
the piles, the pools of thoughts
maybes and possibilities
Throw it out
give it away
shred it
wipe away last year’s dust
and going-nowhere ideas
Wade through the ‘what if?’ minutes
the ‘what was that?’ seconds
pause at the ‘that could work’ corners
It’s a romp
not a loss
a win for perspective and space
and a bright new year

MoP 16: Icons

In a unexpected week
two public-faced men left us
in very private ways.
We, who knew them so well,
grew up with them
took them to our parties
and into our homes,
sat with them in darkened rooms,
carried them everywhere
thrilled to them, with them, by them
are shattered.

MoP 15: State Library

Apologies for the blip in transmission. I spent yesterday doing many things other than writing, including that which inspired the below.
State Library
research is done
title recorded
call number noted
city train journeyed
library stairs climbed
Dewey navigated
stack, shelf, gap
but if the book is not there
even when the librarian checks
where do you begin the new search?

MoP 14 Fishing

On the river mouth pier
a fisherman pulls in his line.
On the hook flaps a small fish
pectoral fins aflutter
The fisherman thrills.
His mate snaps the moment –
his first catch.
Everyone else waits
hoping the flattie
gets to swim again

MoP 13: Summer town

this early morning
there are leaning boards
flagged towels
front door thongs
but the town is eerie quiet
It is a held breath
not an emptiness quiet
Like an anthill
not yet disturbed
all it takes is a minute
a second
to commence the hullabaloo
of this perfect beach day