Ah, the beach

Torquay’s White’s Beach and an odd cloud break

 Just back from a lovely 10 day break by the sea. Managed to read a book or three, walk along the beach in all weathers, and visit the odd bookshop. Actually, none of the bookshops were odd at all.
Torquay Books, Great Escape Books and Lorne Beach Books were all jam-packed full of wonderful books and great book champions.

Lovely Lorne

 Had my first sighting of my new picture book with Five Mile Press and Janine Dawson, ‘Christmas at Grandma’s Beach House in the window at Lorne Beach Books. Very exciting!


Enjoyed lunch next to the almost empty beach. The following day a big bike event was to begin in Lorne, and I expect there were more than a few extras in town.


Sleeping in a tree outside the Lorne information centre, Kenny was happy to pose for photos.

Back at Torquay, the sun was shining,

shining bright.

Okay so this wasn’t at the beach, it is the fire stairs for one of Melbourne’s iconic buildings. They don’t make them like this any more!

Just missed the bloom

All I needed was one more day and these Spanish bluebells would have been in full bloom. One more day …

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