For the sixth year in a row, Mark Wilson, Marjory Gardner (above right), Corinne Fenton, Diana Lawrenson and I travelled beyond the Black Spur to a literature festival organised by the indefatigable Libby Ahern. Libby (above left) is librarian to a number of small schools throughout the region that extends out from Yea. Although based in Yea, Libby spends most of her days in the MARC van travelling to these schools to share a love and understanding of books.

We alternate host schools, and the festival is attended by a different mix of students/schools each time. Generally there are four schools at each festival with students ranging from prep to G6. Shelley (above left) takes a  million photos. Which is grand, because I always forget to take any!

This year, Buxton Primary School was our host, and what a host! There were fresh-from-the-oven scones for morning tea, homemade soup, bread and pizzas for lunch, followed by pumpkin pie. On a very cool winter’s day, it was an extra special feast.

Each of the five presenters has three sessions. It’s lovely to have small groups of such enthusiastic students and teachers.

At the end, there’s a book raffle for the students and we presenters receive a wonderful bag of local produce which this year included lemons, jams, beer and wine! 
It’s a big day, but always fabulous. Long may it continue.

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