Oh the places you’ll go!

ABC Melbourne had an outdoor broadcast from Fed Sq today. Well, actually it was an inside outside broadcast but it was very different to being in a studio.

I was invited in to talk about ‘Meet the Anzacs’ and I don’t mind saying I was a little nervous. But we went in early enough to see most of the Anzac Parade first and that drained away my nervousness almost completely. We watched the descendants of WWI veterans parade by, then those of progressively more recent conflicts. As each group moved past there were more medals worn the left (active service). Such faces. Both on servicemen and their families. I, perhaps unreasonably, hadn’t expected to be so moved. So by the time I was in the ‘studio’ preparing to begin a conversation, I was ready to go.

We talked about how to introduce war to young people. We agreed that tinned meat is something for dogs and that war is unspeakably dreadful. We also agreed that it is important that young people have connections to their history. With luck, understanding the horror of war will one day stop war from happening. We can only hope.

4 thoughts on “Oh the places you’ll go!

  1. Thanks. I'm not sure Marjory whether it will be available. Being the 100, perhaps? I couldn't find anything saying so either. Maybe in a day or so?


  2. Hi Claire… I was listening on & off.. only realised it was you as Jon Faine summed up. 😦 But if you do hear about a podcast let's know, my mum will want to hear it… she is one of your fans. Caught up with your mum n dad over xmas, great to see them looking well. Peter Kemp.


  3. Well, hello Peter! Long time.
    I've been checking but can find no podcast. I'm hoping that if there is, ABC will let my publisher know and they'll pass the message on …

    thanks for the message


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