I’ve been a-beaching!

We’ve been to the beach for a bit. Don’t let anyone tell you there’s no fun to be had on a winter beach. It was fabulous. 
This beach was awash in giant kelp, only freshly shared with the shore. Tough as leather, heavy as wet rope.
A tiny plover, one of many on this deserted beach. 
How could you not be moved by this awesomeness?
Playing with my camera, and the late-afternoon light.
The dog wanted to know why she couldn’t swim.

Now we’re in Townsville and these pics are from the newly-developed Jezzine park at the end of the wonderful Strand.


And finally, it was time to fly home. But not until after this glorious late afternoon walk. 

Pics from a school visit

Just after ANZAC Day I visited a school in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Man, were these kids sorted! They knew all about Gallipoli and WWI. 

I took some WWI supplies including: tinned jam, hard tack biscuits and tinned corn beef. The latter can still be purchased today … probably little changed. I’m not sure how the soldiers stored their hard tack biscuits but I do know why enlisting soldiers needed to have good teeth!

This lovely librarian was a fan of Seadog – she has a seadog of her own at home. She brought the best photo series to school to show her seadog at the beach.