Big Red Kangaroo at Melbourne Clayton’s Night

Last night with two fellow authors I attended the Melbourne Clayton’s Night where five speakers talk about their predictions for the upcoming CBCA Awards. It’s always interesting to hear others talk passionately about books in general and specifically. The speakers last night were Anna Burkey from the State Library, Emma Baker also from the State Library, Sarah Mayor Cox from La Trobe Uni in Bendigo. A couple of other scheduled speakers were unable to be there but their presentations were ‘channeled’ by CBCA members. 
This photo shows Big Red Kangaroo being presented to the room of teachers and librarians by Sarah Mayor Cox. Thanks Sarah! (It was tricky – nay – impossible to get a good screen shot but it IS Big Red up there )
We were introduced to a closer look at many books that I’ve seen and/or read over the past 12 months, and some I’ll be searching out. Most presenters were unable to stick to the six titles they were supposed to present. I think all snuck extras in, not that anyone in the room was complaining.
The dinners at the Clayton’s night are always fabulous and this one was no exception. Moroccan-themed and delicious. 

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