A final SCBWI adventure

On Saturday, Corinne King and I presented at our final SCBWI meeting in our respective roles as ARA (Assistant Regional Adviser) and helper. We’ve been doing this for eight years and we’ve handed over to the ‘new guard’.

Corinne talked about Serendipity – those delightful coincidences that guide our careers. My topic was ‘Highs and Lows’, and I talked about the fluctuating emotions that are so integral to working as a writer.

Our guest speaker was Kate O’Donnell, a wearer of multiple hats, all of them linked to her love of words and books. Was fabulous to hear her journey to here.

We ended with a handover. From here on, Caz Goodwin is our ARA in Victoria. She will be assisted by Chris Bell, Diana Lawrenson, Marjory Gardner and Betty Sargeant.
It’s been both a long and a short time for Corinne and I. We’ve been privileged to meet some amazing people in our roles, and have brought many of them to present at our meetings. We have seen connections made and projects generated. Writing can be a lonely business, and our aim was always to share knowledge and friendship.
We are both looking forward to attending the next meeting and sitting in the audience!

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