Get the Inside Story

Today featured the inaugural SCBWI Inside Story event at The Little Bookroom

Fourteen authors and illustrators had three minutes each to talk about the story behind the story of a recent book.

What a treat to discover how these books began!

So many talented people in one place – one fabulous bookshop

Goldie Alexander and ‘eSide’

Krista Bell’s ‘Burning the Bails’ 

 Sherryl Clark and her verse novel, ‘Runaways’

Meredith Costain’s poetic ‘My First Day at School’

Hazel Edwards didn’t bring her new Order of Australia ribbon, but promised to bring it next time!

Nicky Johnston’s sharing ‘Actually, I Can’

How’s the engineering in this! Marjory Gardner ‘unpacks’ her Jeep book

Serena Geddes shows some artwork from Lulu Bell chapter books

Simon Mitchell and his trio of  ‘sophisticated’ fart books

Yours truly trying to demonstrate how I combined fact and fiction in ‘Big Red Kangaroo’

Renee Treml and the curlews that kept her studio messy …

Coral Vass

Annie White and her first author/illustrated book

Corinne’s turn – how a sparrow became an elephant …

Our enthusiastic, organised and very tall Leesa Lambert, owner of The Little Bookroom

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4 thoughts on “Get the Inside Story

  1. The SCBWI event at the Little Bookroom was a very productive 'insight behind the books' in 3 minute grabs by the creators. Great atmosphere. The children loved the opporunity to 'draw' a numbered author's time from the jar. Thanks to all the orgnanisers who did a great job. Our only challenge in Melbourne is the Melbourne Cup Weekend. Maybe rename the Melbourne Little Book Shopping Weekend?


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