After the show

Last night we took visitors to see a show and afterwards went back stage. This is the view from the stage. There is an eerie afterglow when you’ve been sitting in the audience and then can see what the performers see. Almost echoes of their responses.

A mechanical calf, resting between shows.

A dreadful shot of a very clever blood-spurting setup.

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Away, Away-O

I’ve been away this weekend and it’s been lovely. A writing retreat by the beach. I’ve written 2/3 of a 0 draft of a new picture book (a 0 draft isn’t even good enough to be called a first draft but it’s a start) and a preliminary edit of a non-fiction title. There was workshopping and mandatory silent times.

We walked on the beach at the photographer’s hour, just before sunset

And we weren’t alone. And you can see why. It was lovely.

Flowers everywhere

how brassy beautiful are these?

A tree stump does a fried egg impression.

It may just be true there was some chatting and some eating on the weekend too and perhaps a few late-ish nights. But that’s all part of it, isn’t it?

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