In our local park

Sunday was a wild one here in Melbourne, and that was just the lunch for my mother’s birthday!

After eating way too much, we ventured into the windy outdoors to walk off some of the excess … so there’d be room for afternoon tea!

All the native trees and shrubs were in flower.

Whoever said that our native trees are not pretty hasn’t looked closely enough.

The sky went from grey to black and back to grey several times, but intrepids we are, we resisted what would have been the sensible course of action and remained in the wild.

Even the tiny flowers of this eucalypt are gorgeous in this massed show.

Past-its-best but still striking

How sci-fi are these?

The low-growing banksias are a more recent planting, but are spreading


Even the trunk of this (Jap Maple) tree struggles to contain its growth. Okay, it’s not in the park.
Could Spring be around the corner?

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National Booksellers’ Day

Today I did a trip to the coast to visit two bookshops as part of National Booksellers’ Day. First was Torquay Books, where visitors included witches and flying monkeys, and a transforming very hungry caterpillar.


Then it was off to Ocean Grove and Bookgrove.

Today was a family affair at Bookgrove with Shelley’s two gorgeous girls helping out.

I like to walk around the areas I visit, and today it included a quick visit to the beach. If fantastic indie bookshops weren’t enough of an inspiration, there was also the sea.


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I was in Brisbane last week, mainly to see the Rajah Quilt which was visiting from Canberra and keeping company with some very fine quilts from V&A and elsewhere.

I had a spare day and courtesy of a writing friend was introduced to Sandgate on a day when the beach was showing its best sides.

I love the public art in Brisbane. This fellow was about 2m tall.

Blousy and beautiful

A streetscape of Jacarandas.

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