This weekend

Melbourne is the place to be at the moment. Emerging Writers Festival, Reading Matters, Williamstown Literary Festival. It’s all happening.

The launch of the Willy Lit Fest is 10 am Saturday and that’s also when the announcement will be made of the winners for the Ada Cambridge Short Story and the Poetry Prize. I’ve a poem shortlisted which is exciting.

Saturday 1.30 pm I’ll be running a two hour workshop on picture book writing in the Williamstown Library. Looking forward to that.

Sunday 2.00 pm, with the help of Andy Griffiths, I’ll be launching my newest picture book, Seadog.

It’s going to be a big weekend!

Details of the program can be found here

Weekend Walking

Last weekend, we took our dog to Brimbank Park – surely one of Melbourne’s secret fabulous places. From the park entrance, it looks almost industrial, but wind your way down the entry road and you’re in a riverside oasis. You could be in the country in another time rather than contemporary outer suburbia.

There are clues though. This farming house boasts a TV antenna. And if you peer through the trees, there are double storey houses perched on the steep bank on the far side of the river.

The ducks have discovered it.

This has been another plug for Melbourne and the benefits of being a tourist in your own town. 

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Holidays 2

A North Stradbroke Island inhabitant, worn out by the island’s pace

No filters (except for polarising). How’s this blue?


Another worn out inhabitant

Brown Lake. Clear as weak black tea. Stained by ti tree leaves. Smelt fabulous. Medicinal swimming encouraged.

This fellow sang his approval of our dipping

At the beach near Ayr North Queensland. This bloke was having a wonderful time. Free entertainment for us too.

This cane machine belongs in science fiction – Mad Max?

Irrigation begins. It’s dry in Ayr. Hard to believe really.

Rail nails are all that remains of this section of the cane train rail tracks.

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Public art near Southbank. It seems to be made of lino bits and a map.

The preparations for the three day celebration of Buddha’s birth day festival were extensive

A peacock on the run down?
A coat hook?
A candle holder?

It’s a bird!

In the art gallery

Nice light.


Up up and away

Spot the skinny house … 

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