Tassie SCBWI Meeting

On a coolish Saturday afternoon, SCBWI held their first Tasmanian gathering at the wonderful Fuller’s Bookshop in Launceston. All up, we were 25.

Julie Hunt shared the process behind the creation of a graphic novel. Kidglovz will be released in late 2013.


Corinne and I gave brief overviews of our journey into writing, then Sally Odgers shared snippets from her long and varied career in writing. She has just released Bushland Lullaby and is working on a series, Finding Farholt. This last she is publishing herself and these are images that may or may not make it into the books.

Chris Cheng was in town too and joined us to talk about his new SCBWI role and other international SCBWI happenings. As always, we had an extended afternoon tea when people meet and remeet and talk all things books.
Afterwards Corinne and I walked past the bikie party again (still no invite in!) and then had a wonderful dinner at Fresh, before trying to navigate the intricacies of smart phones and daylight savings. Would we make our 7.30 am flight? We were only partially successful. It is true that my alarm went off an hour early because my phone was smarter. Sigh

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