Out of order holiday snaps 5

View from Cape Coeudic supply hut

The supply ship, which arrived every three months (yay!) would anchor in the bay, load supplies onto a smaller boat which rowed to the bottom here. All goods had to be hauled 90 m up this almost vertical cliff. 

Where the river meets the sea. On the walk from Snake’s Lagoon. Yeah, Snake’s Lagoon. There’s a name to invite visitors. Didn’t see any snakes. Did see lizards and birds. Very few people though. We had the beach to ourselves.

Wedge-tailed eagle? I think. Enormous it was.

The shortest lighthouse I’ve ever seen. The cliff was high enough that no further elevation was needed for the light to reach ships at sea.

Mama, papa and baby Kangaroo Island kangaroos.

Cape Barron Geese, again – Mama Papa and baby. This was the only trio we saw although there were pairs everywhere. We did find one occupied nest, but didn’t go too close.

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