Book Week

I love Book Week. A chance to share all the things I love about books and writing. And at Firbank Grammar on Wednesday last, I was able to share with the whole school. And more. The gorgeous preps wrote me some illustrated letters complete with custom-made envelopes. And in a bonus bonus, I met up with a childhood friend – not seen for (ahem) many years. Was lovely to have a very brief catchup.

On Friday and today, I was working with Year 8s writing War Poetry. They came up with some amazing images in their poems.

This Friday I’m off to Buxton to workshops with Preps, 1s and 2s. Love a sing and dance I do! So we’ll be reading stories, singing, dancing and making gates I think.

Feeling seasick?

This is the fancy end of the Endeavour replica. Unfortunately it’s impossible to stand tall here, as the clearance is only for small people. No reflection on her crew, only on the refit. But with the angled windows, low ceiling, it made for a slightly surreal experience crouching around to see where Banks collected his bits, Cook planned his journeys.

Lots of fascinating artefacts and a great way to get as close as possible to imagining what it would be like to sail on a ship like this. Well, except for the sailing bit. We were safely roped to shore.

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Warning: Cliche ahead

Man, LIFE is busy! Good busy though. Two manuscripts submitted, another almost ready to go. And then there’s the ‘after’ of busy. When the motor has been cut and the boat is drifting. When the wind stops. When the sails have been furled.

Drifting. Hate the drifting. But it always seems to happen after a period of intense activity. When the project I’ve been buried in is done, and before the energy of the next one kicks in. I fluff around, directionless. True it is when the floors get cleaned, the desk is tidied, the paperwork is filed, but it feels like such dead time.

Anyone else feel like that?