A good week

Some weeks are big good weeks, some are just ordinary good weeks. This last week has been a good one for lots of big and small reasons. They include a birthday dinner, a family-from-far dinner, some work both employed and prospective, some preparation for the future, and even a whole day spent in my pjs and dressing gown reading books, eating home made bread and only being nearly caught out once (for the pjs, not the bread-eating).

I’m grateful for this good week.

Canterbury Tales at Willy Lit Fest

This was such a fun event to be part of. Two and a half hours exploring the Canterbury Tales.

Jackie Kerin, gender-shifted and time slipped ‘The Pardoners Tale’
Danny O’Connell
lived ‘The Miller’s Tale’

and Bernard Caleo took ‘The Nun’s Priest’s Tale’ to Japan via the Kamishibai.

Catherine Ryan delved into the history of the stories and their creator.

Simon Leverton provided fantastic musical interludes, with sing-a-long choruses.

Morris Dancers added colour and movement.
My fortunate role was as MC, linking the bits together.

We also called upon Adrian Clarke to share his knowledge of Middle English. Our audience was enthusiastic and a great time was had by all.
We have already begun to think about a project for next year, which will be the 10th Williamstown Literary Festival. Stay tuned!


Our trip to Rainbow was fabulous. Four women in one car, the kilometres flew by effortlessly. The weather was wet as we left Melbourne, but progressively cleared as we passed through (or bypassed) towns along the way. By the time we reached Rainbow, late afternoon, the sky was clear. Even the farmers were happy with that as it’s cropping time.

An early morning walk before heading to the school.

Over the next few days, we delivered workshops and/or read books to preschoolers, primary and secondary students and also to the community. The children were delightful, the teachers supportive and engaged, the hospitality (and morning teas) excellent. Photos from our visit appeared in both the local Rainbow newspaper and the Horsham-based Wimmera Mail Times. Michelle Wilson, principal of the primary school, organised everything, and made it all very easy for us. 

 My sailor begins his epic meal.

 Corinne Fenton reading from Flame Stands Waiting.

Marjory Gardner tells the time.

 Diana Lawrenson with her chook hat. If you’d like to know why she’s wearing it, you’ll just have to read ‘Paraphenalia’s Present’.

There was a party about to happen at my house when I arrived home. And among all the delicacies was this amazing rainbow cake. Fantastic end to a great trip.