Australian Garden

Yes, it was hot today. We could have hibernated in the cool house, but instead we headed out to the Botanical Gardens at Cranbourne, the Australian Gardens.

I’m not sure what I expected, but certainly not this. More wild bush I think. But this was lovely.

The gardens are only 6 years old, but I thought they were grand, and will only get better.

They are a mix of landscape and planting.

This is stage one, and stage two is due to open this year sometime.

This waterway was available for paddling (but only between the red and yellow flags … just like at the beach)


The last of flowering gums.

No surprises at May Gibbs’ floral muse.

We could see Melbourne, the Dandenongs and Westernport Bay. But there was a heat haze that made distance photos unglorious.

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Corinne, Queenie and the Zoo

Corinne Fenton launched the paperback edition of her gorgeous book, Queenie One Elephant’s Story, today at the zoo.

In the audience were people who’d been part of Queenie’s story, those who helped Corinne bring this story to a new generation, family and friends. And more than a few passersby.

Corinne spoke about Queenie, and many of the people who remember her.

Then it was time to cut this amazing cake. And yes, it was as good in the eating as it looks.

Channel 9 were on hand to record the moment.

Then it was off to visit some of the zoo’s current elephants, young and not so.

And a few of the other residents.

A contemplative moment for an orangutan mother, while Junior swings about the place.

Dropping by for an ice snack.

And Dad wants to know what’s going on inside.

This wrasse kept falling off its resting spot. So much so that we became a little concerned. Then we read the sign that said that this is normal resting behaviour for this species. Hmm. Can’t be all that restful if you have to keep waking up and propping yourself up again!


And this gorgeous boy? Posing for us, I suspect. 

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We went to Heide yesterday, the erstwhile home of John and Sunday Reed, and now an art gallery complex. There are three buildings, Heide I, II and III, and yesterday they were showing an exhibition to celebrate their 30th birthday. There were paintings and sculptures from many of the ‘Angry Penguins’, artists who were supported both financially and otherwise by the Reeds. The sculptures that follow were part of a ‘garden’ of sculpture, spread around the 15 acres of the property. We had a wonderful time, but came away with many questions about the Reeds and their friends (affairs, children, means of support, etc). Research is answering some of the questions, but I’m sure many mysteries remain.

Heavy duck. Bent the seat.

A change, I guess, from wearing your heart on your sleeve.

So that’s where the last jigsaw puzzle went!

Telescope to the sun.

Aww. The ‘Underfelt Donkey’.

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