Photos from the Pirates Tavern

 Last Thursday I moderated a panel of crime writers at the Pirates Tavern in Williamstown. The event was a copresentation of the Big West Festival and the Williamstown Literary Festival.

 Speakers were Kerry Greenwood, Nick Gadd, Dr Angus Curry and Carolyn Morwood
 (not visible here…hidden by the redhead!)

 Carolyn Morwood is second from the right.

 Dr Angus Curry, writer of ‘The Officers of the Shenandoah’.

 Pirate Kerry Greenwood

 Moi, Catherine and Jean Ma

Angus and Carolyn

 Arrr, it was a good night. All photos courtesy of Jovanka Petroska. Thanks Jovanka!

One thought on “Photos from the Pirates Tavern

  1. We have enjoyed the CSS Shenandoah book by Dr. Curry.

    We have a very special Event in Liverpool for CSS Shenandoah and would very much like to converse with him.


    Jerry Wells
    Bridge of Allan, Scotland & Virginia


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