Joining the Jet-Set

Yesterday I flew to Launceston for the day for the Tasmanian launch of ‘The Carrum Sailing Club’. Christina Booth, illustrator of Carrum, picked me up from the airport and we drove (well, she drove, I nursed the cake) straight to Fullers Bookshop.

The whole day was a hoot, from the paper hats we asked everyone to make and wear, launcher Kate Gordon’s lovely words, organiser Nella’s faultless planning, Fullers Bookshop generosity, to tricky Sheryl Gwyther’s surprise attendance (along with Julie Hunt and Gay McKinnon) and the flinging in the air of the hats to officially launch Carrum in Tasmania.

Spent some lovely hours with Christina at her house, seeing her amazing new studio and almost forgetting that I had to be at the airport for the return flight, oops! But I did make it home safely and on time, because I wasn’t with Qantas.

Now it’s back to reality…

Here are some pics: (thanks to all who wielded my camera)

 Gorgeous bearded iris in Christina’s beautiful garden

 A clematis, we think, that is doing it’s best to re-flower the tree it’s climbing through.

For my friend and her family

Yesterday I signed the books
of rambunctious boys
and skittish girls
spilling with life
happy in their today
secure in their tomorrow
Today I signed a guest book
at a water-washed funeral
saw a face that smiles no more
tried not to see a flower-laden coffin
said goodbye for the last time
The Funeral
The clouds float
at half-sky today.
Low as the sky
we say goodbye
then laugh with people
we’ve not seen for years.
It reminds us
that happy and sad
are closeknit kin
and that it is good
that tomorrow
is shrouded.

I am sailing…

Yesterday I went to Carrum, to the real Carrum Sailing Club to be part of the official launch of the new sailing season.

There was no sailing yesterday, a tad windy, and as the sky shows, rain was expected.

So we made inside boats.

And hats.

And read books.

Helen is the current Commodore of the club and made me and Kerry very welcome.
This is the sign that gave me the title. The story followed some time later. 

This could be the family from the book.

And this is Patterson River, slightly larger than the green troll bridge in the book.

This was my first trip back to Carrum after seeing the sign several years ago. What’s amazing to me, is that although I took the title, I didn’t look closely at the beach or surrounds. Nor did Christina. Yet the beach, the surrounds, even the people on the beach, are just as they are. Magic!

A new story sets sail

We launched ‘The Carrum Sailing Club’ at the Sun Bookshop today. What a hoot! Thank you everyone who came and those who sent their wishes. It was lovely that illustrator Christina Booth could fly in from Launceston. 
Dee White launched Carrum Sailing Club for me, saying lovely things. 

Christina talked about the illustration process.

 Steve, the immediate past commodore of the real Carrum Sailing Club!

 My delightful niece Jane, and her lovely boyfriend Jake provided beachy music, including Rock Lobster and Yellow Submarine!

 I did a second reading, allowing for audience participation. There was stomping, twirling and grape-popping.

 An ‘original’ from the book, soon to be on my wall. Thanks Christina!

There was a sailboat cake…

…and a ceremonial flinging in the air of ‘starburst jellyfish’ to pronounce The Carrum Sailing Club officially launched!