The very time you need a cape…

I had it all planned.

Catch the local train, swap to Bendigo train. Arrive in time for Lorraine to pick me up on the way to the Library for the launch of her new book, ‘Chantelle’s Cloak’. Good plan.

Didn’t plan on the rain though. Wiped out the signals alllll along the track and turned a 1 hour early arrival into something other. I arrived 5 minutes after the Library locked the doors AFTER THE LAUNCH.

And I’d made a cape an’ all.

Sigh, nothing for it.

Lorraine and I played dress-ups all by ourselves.

15 thoughts on “The very time you need a cape…

  1. I've wanted to make an adult-sized cape since I made a black (outside) and red (inside) one for son3 for his 6th (i think) birthday.

    Finally I had an excuse! Should I? Shouldn't I? And then I saw the lining fabric…


  2. Absolutely amazing, Claire. You are so clever! Hope you have lots of chances to wear it in the future! And glad you and Lorraine had a chance to have your own mini launch.


  3. Oh…my…goodness! It is a magical cape. Splendid! Beautiful work, Claire – and so sad that the kiddies didn't get to see you in your splendour. There will be other times – and your time with Lorraine sounds lovely. So glad you got there safely!


  4. VLine were very apologetic, Jen but guess they couldn't really help it. Yes, horseback would have been suitably dramatic, although I think it would look fine if I flew…


  5. Hey Claire

    Beautiful cape – stunning!!!

    Knowing you, your cape is not going to be wasted – I'm sure you will find another function to 'flaunt' it at!

    Can we put in orders???? Haha….

    So sorry that the weather was against you for the launch – that stinks!

    Have a great week – and wear your magical cloak to write in – it could inspire something….



  6. Thanks Tina, I have no doubt that the cape will see the light of day. Not sure when.

    It was only when cutting the satin that I remember just what a pain slippery fabrics are to sew. Not sure I'd be opening the order book any century soon. 🙂 But it actually doesn't take long, once you discount procrastination time.


  7. Thanks Janeen. Yes it's hard to describe the lining. I've tried rainbow droplets, birdwing and butterfly wings.
    I nearly wore it to launch today, but resisted. 🙂


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