King Valley

 As promised, here are some photos. These were taken this past weekend at various sites around the King Valley in north-eastern Victoria.

 We had a convict dinner on the Saturday night and this couple (faces concealed to protect their dignity) won the prize!


This waterfall looked like not much more than a trickle from the viewing platform, but either that’s a leprechaun or it’s much bigger than it first looked.

Spot the fisherman. Then spot his supportive assistants …

4 thoughts on “King Valley

  1. It was a beautiful day on the Saturday, crisp and clear. We walked for miles up the valley then back again, just drinking it all in.

    And as for the conditions they were very far from convict! Gourmet food, luxurious accommodation, stimulating company.


  2. It was gob-
    smackingly beautiful Dee. And thanks! One of the others of our groups also likes taking pics. So we were able to snap to our hearts content, while the non-snappers walked on!


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