Geelong and Femme Fatale

I went to Geelong yesterday, to see the Femme Fatale exhibition at the Wool Museum. The exhibition was interesting. There were some scary ladies sharing their stories. But also there were several women who seemed to be at worst victims of circumstance. Some very unflattering photographs too. To lighten up, the exhibition included magazine covers with some very glamourous ‘bad girls’ and also movies excerpts. Worth seeing, but no photos allowed. So I took photos of the carpet-making loom and a sculpture on the foreshore. Managed to drive home snagged on the rain front. Sorry Melbourne.

Imagine if they get tangled!

6 thoughts on “Geelong and Femme Fatale

  1. Cool pics, claire! I have some gorgeous alpaca wool at the moment. I tried to knit with it straight from the skein. BIG mistake. You can't imagine the tangle I'm in… jx


  2. Thanks Leonie,
    They were tough old broads some of them. Not sure I'd have been game to take their photos anyway!


  3. Thanks Jen. Oh dear. Get one of those boys of yours sitting still and wind the balls from their hands. That'd be sooo much easier than trying to keep track of a skein!


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