In my garden,

many things grow. Long grass, weeds, tall, tall trees, short trees and a few flowers.

There’s an old swing frame that predates our occupancy and is about twice as tall as would be permitted these days. At present it has no swing, but the spiders are happy to use it as a frame for their webs.

And judging by the tears in this web, the spiders are doing okay

5 thoughts on “In my garden,

  1. We have an old swing frame too. After the kids got too big, it was used to support a punching bag. The boys eventually punched the bag to bits. Now, along with the disused and upturned rabbit hutch it supports all manner of climbing vegetation.
    Nice spider web. It houses a few of those too.


  2. Claire, this is scary. I photographed a particularly creative spider web on Tuesday night (complete with fairly ugly spider) and had planned to write a blog post on it, then changed my mind – main reason – my photo wasn't clear enough. But yours is magnificent.
    Maybe there are more spider stories out there in the ether?


  3. Our frame is tall enough that the kids used to be able to check out who was in the pool in the next house. Probably most disconcerting for the swimmers.

    I have toyed with the idea of planting a climber on it, but so far, it's still part of the cricket run up…


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