It’s no secret I love flowers. Not alone there.

This week, flowers made me smile in two ways. The first was a morning tea where we chatted books and their creation.

The flower link? Fine china tea cups and plates.

And the second. Pure and simple.

Bunches of flowers in my house. Made me smile whenever I saw them.

10 thoughts on “Flowerpower

  1. Thanks Leonie. I used to be a bit the same, scared to use the cups as some come from my grandmothers (via my mother) while others were gifts from a late aunt. But then I decided that it was better to risk breaking them while using them than have them sit in the cupboard, pristine and forgotten.


  2. Sorry to have missed your morning tea, Claire. I love your teacups and saucers and love that you use them. I collect some too and keep them displayed. Only trouble is that I don't use them, because I'd have to drag them off the shelves and wash off the dust before I did. Chris 🙂


  3. I'm not sure the tea tastes any better, but it feels better!

    Thanks for stopping by Katrina and Chris.

    Charmaine, my current favourite is the pale pink one with blue centre and gold trim, but next week it'll a different one I'm sure… 🙂


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