Storytime goes live!

It’s happening! In August, my friend Jackie and I trained into Melbourne, to RMIT television studios to record the second episode of a new television series for Channel 31. As the title suggests, each episode features a story.
In our episode (Episode Two), I read my story, ‘There Was an Old Sailor’ and there are songs and activities. It’s just like a storytime at your local library…well except that Tall Ted is the link, rather than your local children’s librarian.

Each episode features an activity that can be downloaded from the website and completed at home.

And now the 12 episodes are ‘in the can’, the show will be shown around Australia via local Channel 31s. It all begins 9.30am Wednesday 8 December.

Our episode is the second one, so if you want to see my first ever television appearance, and Old Sailor, tune in 9.30am Wednesday 15 December!

Visit Tall Ted for more details about Storytime.

14 thoughts on “Storytime goes live!

  1. Excitement. Excitement. Excitement! Will see what I can do about tuning in. (First I have to find someone with a television… :P)

    Make sure you send out reminders!!!!

    (And congratulations, of course.)


  2. Super WOW, Claire. Congratulations too.

    Ditto, Kat in asking for you to please send out reminders, especially for this muddle-head.

    Seriously, fantastic and so exciting for you. 🙂 C.


  3. Claire,

    sounds great! Will try to remember – having a tooth implant that morning as well – but nothing like the possibility of having a baby, eh, Karen??



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