SCBWI Conference

Last weekend was the third SCBWI conference held at the Hughenden Hotel in Woollahra in Sydney.

View from our balcony, entrance via the bathroom! We looked over the road to Centennial Park where we walked early Saturday morning and Corinne Fenton convinced me to put my name in the hat for a pitch. The pitch was to three publishers in front of the entire delegation. Gulp!

These swans seem stuck in a circle…

It’s Spring!

In a (some may say) crazy session, authors and illustrators had the chance to put their card in a container for possible selection to do a pitch. Sounds painless? Those whose names were drawn stood in front of the entire delegation and facing three publishers. They had five minutes to ‘sell’ their project to the publishers and get an instant response from the three publishers. Nerve wracking! Chris Bell was first person drawn to do a pitch. She did a great job, even adopting a Scottish accent to introduce her main character. I was third card picked.

Okay, so I didn’t take as many photos as I could have on the first day. Here we are at Sunday and Susanne Gervay is launching Sue Whiting’s ‘Get a Grip, Cooper Jones’, a novel first titled ‘Feral Feet’. Susanne was NOT a fan of this first title.

Sue talked about the jokebook that generated the idea for ‘Get a Grip, Cooper Jones’, a book of jokes about men…none very flattering to men.

Tracey Hawkins won the competition at Sue’s launch. All she had to do was tell a joke. And she did.

Sue signing books.

Leonie Tyle launching Nette Hilton’s ‘The Innocents’, a YA novel sure to unsettle readers with its portrayal of innocence and evil.

Nette Hilton

Susanne talking about the Hope Card, for all school children affected by the Black Saturday fires in Victoria in 2009.

Original artwork from around the world.


Frane Lessac’s pic, WA.

Marjory Gardner’ pic Vic

Diane Wolfer talking about Bologna.

Corinne and Bologna images.


Co-RA Chris Cheng

Leader of the pack, world SCBWI co-founder Lin Oliver.

Off again!

I’m off to the SCBWI conference tomorrow morning with a visit to a publisher on the way from the airport. It sounds like there is quite a contingent from Melbourne, at least 5 on my flight and several others on earlier and later ones. I’m looking forward to being immersed in books all weekend with fellow book bods.

My photo and an article are in one of our local papers this week. I’ve heard tantalising reports that it’s around but have yet to see a copy. Reports do vary though…one that it’s not my best pic, the other that it’s quite fine. I’ll have to scout out a copy if (as is quite common) ours is not delivered.

The photo and article refer to the workshop I did at Delahey last weekend for budding writers. Small group but very focused. It was a fun two hours.

Pics from CYA and Hatchlings

CYA Conference in Brisbane. We arrived early and took a look at the book shop. Lovely to see Old Sailor posters smiling at me!

Tina and Ally, organisers extraordinaire

Dee, receiving her first prize certificate for published writer section of the CYA competition.

Sheryl Gwyther, talking about how CYA has helped her.

Sheryl and Dee

Karen Collum, Dee White, Kat Apel, moi

Kat and Karen

Dee and moi

Demonstrating a ‘fact’ that didn’t make it into my forthcoming Freaky Fact or Fiction Human Body book.

Dee, demonstrating the importance of communicating clearly.

Is this young gent a hero or a villain?

What about this young lass? Hmm, attend Dee’s next Heros and Villains workshop to find out.

Kat, limbering up for her poetry workshop.

Demonstrating a pun. Lion dancing, you see…

Meredith Costain launching Paul Collins new picture book ‘The Glasshouse’.

Jo Thompson, illustrator of ‘The Glass House’

Paul Collins acknowledging the support offered by Meredith (just off screen)!

Sheryl, launching ‘Charlie and the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’

Kat Apel and Karen Collum

Angela Sunde, who launched her Aussie Chomp, ‘Pond Magic’ at the conference too.

Gabi Wang, demonstrating how it’s done!

Gabi and Kat