Not that I’m counting…

…but it’s only 2 sleeps until ‘There Was an Old Sailor’ is officially published.

I’d heard some rumours that there were already books in store and was in the city so decided to check out the big retailers. And there he was! Old Sailor in multiple copies in multiple places. Yay!

I’ve also heard there are multiple copies in my local bookshop and a poster. I’m off to take a pic. Actually, I’m taking my own personal photographer to take a pic of me with my books and poster!

Stand by…

ps here’s another review

Dee White is on the lookout!

My friend, Dee White hosts a blog called ‘Tuesday Writing Tips‘. She’s on the hunt for writing tips. Dee’s YA novel ‘Letters to Leonardo’ was published in 2009 and is a fast-paced and compelling story.

Dee will be stopping by here for a bit of a chat on Tuesday 2 February, asking me some questions and taking a writing tip back for ‘Tuesday Writing Tips’.

Drop by and say g’day.

Hanging Rock and driving lessons

My middle son has his L plates and needs 120 hours practice before he can sit for his driver’s licence. Tricky thing that many hours. He’s worked out that he needs three hours per week to reach the target before his 18th birthday (okay mathematicians…when’s his birthday?). To this end, he, his gf and I have been heading into the country for a drive once a week. Last week it was Daylesford, this week Woodend and Hanging Rock, next week who knows?

It’s been fun, despite the energy required to sit next to a learner driver, no matter how coordinated. He’s shown his gf places he knows and I take my laptop and work. At Hanging Rock, I managed to redraft a pb that’s been niggling at me for months.

I also had time to take some pics.

Party time!

February is party time for me and my Old Sailor!

On Feb 1, ‘There Was an Old Sailor’ hits the bookshops.

On Feb 2, Dee White visits from her blog Tuesday Writing Tips to ask me some questions about writing picture books.

Then I’m off on tour! Blog tour that is. Here’s where I’ll be visiting:

Monday 8 February: Sally Murphy’s Writing for Children

Tues 9 February: Dee White’s Tuesday Writing Tips

Wed 10 February: Dale Harcombe’s Read and Write with Dale

Thurs 11 February: Robyn Opie’s Writing Children’s books

Fri 12 February: Lorraine Marwood’s Words into Writing

Sat 13 February: Mabel Kaplan’s Tales I Tell

Sun 14 February: Sandy Fussell’s Stories are Light

As if that’s not enough partying, I’m also having a celebration of the release of ‘There Was an Old Sailor’ during the first SCBWI meeting for the year, which is being held at Stoneman’s Bookshop in Castlemaine. The lovely Glenda Millard is going to speak about ‘Old Sailor’.

At 11.00 am on Sat Feb 20, I’ll be reading at the grand opening of ‘Enchanted by Books’ a new bookshop in Williamstown Victoria.

And then ta-da! there’s the official Melbourne launch of ‘There Was an Old Sailor’ at Sun Bookshop, Ballarat St in Yarraville Vic at 2pm on Sat 27 February. There will be nibblies to eat (possibly even a krill or two particularly for Jen Storer!) and a book reading as well as the launch. I’m still working on details and will post as soon as I can.

BIG month! Love it!

The First Tuesday Children’s Book Club…

…has arrived! Or begun…or birthed…

Late last year I posted a note on PIO calling for interest in a children’s book discussion group. There were lots of responses and suggestions, and the result is – ta-da! The First Tuesday Children’s Book Club (FTCBC).

I met with Jen Storer on Wednesday at The Abbotsford Convent (in Abbotsford, Melbourne) to nut out details.

The FTCBC will meet monthly on a Tuesday 10.30am – 12.30pm and talk about children’s books. We plan to discuss a picture book each month and also two other books, alternating junior fiction and young adult books. This first meeting will be to discuss the various incarnations of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ – original text, film and Dave Eggers novelisation.

The group is open to anyone interested in children’s literature, not just writers/illustrators.

First meeting is Feb 2.

Contact me for more details if you’re interested…