Newport Substation Arts Centre

Every first Saturday in the month (except January) there is an Artists’ Market in the wonderful substation in Newport, Vic. I’ve loved this old square building since I first moved to Newport over 18 years ago. It occupies its space comfortably, at home between road and rail.

Some years ago, a group of people who shared a love of this building began doing something about it. And the building has a new life. It’s an arts hub with all sorts of things happening. There are classes in African drumming and latin dancing. My choir (Newport Community Choir) is again performing there next weekend, in cahoots with Willin’ Wimmen, a Williamstown choir. And then there’s the Artists’ Market… See here for details.

But I digress…

With my storyteller friend Jackie Kerin, I spent last Saturday at the Substation.

Jackie had set up a story room and we tag-teamed throughout the day, storytelling and book reading, and generally talking to people about all things books and story.

Children of all ages stopped by to chat and listen. Adults visited too, with and without children. And Jackie and I talked all day about books and stories. Bliss.

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