Book covering

Saturday, members of the Vic SCBWI gathered at our regular meeting place for our regular meeting. But instead of speakers, we invited librarians. We brought the boxes of books donated for Marysville School. We’d also brought labels and contact and ‘film’ for covering them.

And that’s what we did. In three hours, about 20 of us, under the tutelage of experts, labeled and covered more than 300 books (I think…we lost count). Four members (including moi) shared a little of our current projects, but mostly we just chatted and covered, covered and chatted.

We stopped for afternoon tea around three and Corinne and I prepared ourselves for the fact that we’d never get all the books covered in the time available to us.

After tea and treats were consumed, covering recommenced and gradually it began to seem possible that an end was in sight.

And we did it! Covered and repacked and cleaned and out of there by just after 5pm. An amazing effort. Now we wait until the school is built and ready to receive them.

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