Sheep, Goat and the Creaking Gate

My new picture book, with wonderful illustrations by Judith Rossell was due out at the beginning of August, but it appears that it could be rather later in the month before it is available.

Despite the delay, I will be attending Judith’s May Gibbs Fellowship morning tea in Adelaide on16 August and ‘Sheep, Goat’ will be launched. I’ll be going to Goolwa on the 18th to talk to primary children about books in general but I will also introduce ‘Sheep, Goat’. I’ve been collecting information about sheep and goats to share, but although I can tell you more than I want to know about the function of their four-stomached digestion, the similarities are stronger than the differences. Will keep searching.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the cover of Sheep, Goat, and a couple of photos of goats, courtesy of my friend Corinne (the goats are hers – Cinnamon and Sugar)

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