Coming to a train near you?

I’ve just spent a fairly busy two weeks working with a local electoral commission on a council postal election. But in the middle of that time, I escaped on time to get to the launch of Moving Galleries, which included my poem, Pompeii Dog.

The exhibition launch was held at ArtPlay on the Yarra River just upriver from Federation Square in Melbourne. The light, squarish building is a former railways building that is now home to an art program for children. (It was also the site for the launch of my first picture book ‘Ebi’s Boat’) The selected poems and paintings were suspended from the roof and seemed to float in mid-air. We were able to walk all around them, be surrounded by them which was rather nice.

Each contributor was given a poster-sized copy of their work and a pack of postcards. A great idea as now we each can enjoy the other works in the exhibition.

The poems and art will be affixed to internal train walls for commuters to read over the next six months. I hope someone I know gets to see mine. For those who won’t, here it is…

Poem of the Week

My poem, ‘Iceberg’ is appearing on the ‘A Poem A Week Project’ website and blog this week. Established by local poets and authors Sherryl Clark and Meredith Costain, the site aims to bring local poetry into the classroom.

Each featured poem includes notes about the inspiration for the poem, a bit about the poet and sometimes poetry-writing tips.

Take a look here