Some random images

Last Saturday afternoon we went down to watch the sailing boats sail (yes they are there…just a little left of this pic) and saw these moored boats. This tiny dinghy, complete with frayed rope and sitting lower than low in the water, looked like the loneliest boat in the harbour.

On my daily walk, I traverse this block where all the trees have this weird lean and twist to them. Perhaps it wouldn’t be surprising if this block were facing the sea with a constant onshore wind, but it isn’t. It’s about 3 k inland. So why are they all twisted? Only in this one street?

My Carmonkey. Doesn’t everyone have one?

Bark from another tree along the route I walk daily. I can see a face in this one. Can you?

I will stop being impatient, I will stop being impatient

Of course our dog managed to work out the dog door…mostly. Did it take long? Not really. Longer than I wanted it too? Yes. Sigh.

She occasionally forgets the dog door is there and comes to fetch us to open it for her, but mostly, she’s now zipping through the door like it was always there.

I will stop being impatient. I will stop being impatient