Go girl, go go go…

The Hardie Grant Egmont ‘Go Girl’ series has topped 1,000,000 copies sold in Australia. My title, Snow Play, is No 22 in this series for middle primary readers.
The series had a spin off series last year ‘Go Girl Angels’ and this year there have been the ‘Two Sides’ novels where the same story is told from two points of view with the two pov’s combining in the final chapter. They also have a cool new website for fans.

Publishers Weekly this week also linked to an article here talking about the release of the first Go Girl titles in the US.

As I said in the header, Go Go Girls Go!

Every dad and his stroller

The zoo was great. The weather was perfect, most of the animals were awake and happy to pose for photos. Particularly the meerkats, they seem to quite like a snap and will turn to face you lest you capture the wrong profile.

The new elephant enclosure (okay so it’s not THAT new, but it’s my first time) was great. The elephants have a much nicer habitat with greenery, dirt floors, a pool and more. They seem happy to squirt water and dust bath themselves.

The small kids were entertaining too. One thought the lions were being fed the monkeys (and wasn’t particularly worried about that. A five year old corrected someone else’s younger child’s comment about the relative speeds of the big cats. Another kept moving to stand in front of the meerkats. His parent was determined to capture meerkats AND son; son was determined to be centre-stage…

A very wobbly-on-his-feet baby gibbon was exploring his environment, watched intermittently by his mother. At one stage, he hand-over-handed from a grille suspended 4-5 metres above the ground. His momentarily distracted mother reacted much as I would have if one of my sons had strayed onto the wrong side of a high safety fence – very quickly!

To the zoo, to the zoo with you

A friend of mine is currently in Adelaide on a writing fellowship. When I was there last year, one of the things I did – twice – was go to the zoo. I had a wonderful volunteer guide and enjoyed the experience immensely…almost as much as when I was one of the parent helpers on a grade 6 excursion to the zoo on a wonderfully warm and rainy day about 8 years ago. (Seriously, once I got over the idea that they’d all have wet shoes, it was sooo much fun…wanna jump in the puddles? go for it!) As it happens, that was the last time I was at Melbourne Zoo. I don’t need to replicate the experience, that seldom works. But I do want to see what’s changed, what’s the same.

My parents took my niece and nephew to the zoo on Friday, and if I’d known I’d have tagged along. But I didn’t, so I couldn’t. But today is beautiful, calm and sunny although still cool, and I’m off to the zoo. Yee-hah!